Balance and Turmoil


Balance and Turmoil




is a word

that is often applied 

to a physical or mental state

where disturbances and fluctuations

are kept in check, 

understood and



In a changing and chaotic world 

balance has become an alluring concept, 

so much so 




work/life balance 

have been adopted into pop-psychology 

and corporate strategic thinking.



does this


toward balance 

adversely affect

our relationship 

to those necessary 

and irreplaceable moments 

of being out of kilter, 

of being shaken beyond control, 

of being at a loose end 

or in the depths

of turmoil? 


Would balance imply a state in which

those unpredictable catalysts of inquiry 

are warded off or kept at bay?


Interestingly it seems

the very moments 

we are 

out of balance

are often 

the same moments 

in which 

we are






disturbing ideas

and the

perilous notions

that rattle

detached complacency 

 and clarify 

the necessity for change


...those unsettling thresholds 

of dangerous beauty 

that allow us to

embody contradictions 

celebrate flaws

relish attachments

and hold the righteous literalistic puritan 

inside each of us 

with a delicate and skeptical 

arms length trepidation.


If balance implies the subjugation 

of all those interesting instigators of variety 

that lay beyond our conscious control, 

then perhaps its not as desirable 

as pop psychologists,

ayurvedic enthusiasts

meditation maniacs 

and self development gurus 

would have us



Perhaps this is also why

Ganesha is honoured 

not just for his role

in overcoming obstacles 

but also for his part 

in creating them.